Farmers and Suppliers

Our Partners in Success

At CPL, we understand the importance of strong relationships with our farmers and suppliers. They play a crucial role in our poultry industry, and we deeply appreciate their dedication to raising healthy Red Tractor certified chicken. Our live bird suppliers are contracted farms and live bird supply companies that collaborate with us to ensure a steady supply of high-quality birds.

Additionally, we have formed strategic alliances with feed mills, Hatcheries, to ensure consistent supplies to our contracted farms. By fostering a strong network through collaboration and mutual support, we efficiently address the needs of our customers.

A State-of-the-Art Processing Plant

Where Quality Takes Centre Stage

Our processing facility in Thorne, Doncaster, exemplifies our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our plant can handle 18,000 birds per hour while ensuring maximum productivity, animal welfare, and food safety. In collaboration with BAADER LINCO, a renowned Danish poultry machinery company, we have designed the layout and installed advanced technology that meets the highest industry standards.

Our primary focus is on maintaining hygiene and food safety. We adhere to the strictest standards, including Red Tractor certification, and our products are delivered throughout Europe in temperature-controlled carriers to preserve freshness. Whether our customers are retailers, wholesalers, caterers, butchers, restaurateurs, or food processors, they can trust that our premium-quality chicken products cater to their desire for exceptional flavour and safety. 

Advanced Food Production

Meeting Diverse Demands

At CPL, we understand that each customer has unique needs. To cater to this variability, our food manufacturing plant is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables us to offer a wide range of products. Our high-speed evisceration technique ensures the efficient processing of birds of various sizes while adhering to rigorous weight standards. To minimize contamination, we prioritise food safety by employing comprehensive bird-washing techniques and maintaining complete separation of bird and giblet packages.

Clean air cooling is crucial for preserving meat quality and cleanliness. Our single-layer construction prevents cross-contamination, and our rapid air chilling technique reduces weight loss and enhances product shelf life. By utilising an intelligent distribution system, we select birds for whole-bird packaging or cut-up based on individual characteristics, sales predictions, and manufacturing capacity. We prioritise gentle product handling and hygiene through automated breast deboning, giblet harvesting, and feet processing, resulting in the finest quality poultry products. 

Efficient Transport and Logistics

Ensuring Freshness Every Time

At CPL, we recognise the importance of efficient and reliable transportation. We collaborate with multiple transportation networks to ensure the timely delivery of our products throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our commitment to logistics management enables us to maintain the freshness of our products while adhering to strict chilled requirements. With our nationwide GPS vehicle tracking system, we ensure transparency and provide our valued customers with the highest level of service.

Advantageous Location

Fresh products delivered

Our strategic location on the outskirts of Thorne, in the eastern part of Yorkshire, offers immediate delivery and collection benefits. As the region's sole poultry processor, we provide fresh chicken, our process ensures an optimal level of freshness at all times. This distinctive advantage allows us to cater to the specific needs of consumers and produce excellent products that meet their specifications.  

Putting Animal Welfare First

Ethical Treatment at the Core

At CPL, we believe in treating animals with compassion and respect. Throughout our production process, we are prioritising animal welfare, ensuring that our chickens are raised humanely. We work closely with our contracted farmers to ensure strict adherence to animal welfare standards, providing appropriate space, natural lighting, and optimal ventilation in the poultry farms. By prioritising animal welfare, we not only produce high-quality chicken but also contribute to the ethical treatment of animals in the poultry industry. All our farms meet the requirements of Red Tractor Certification.

Product Development Innovation

Meeting Evolving Consumer Preferences

We recognise the need to continuously develop and deliver new products that cater to changing consumer tastes in a dynamic market. Our product development team is dedicated to analysing industry trends, listening to customer feedback, and staying ahead of the competition. By remaining agile and responsive to customer requests, we ensure that CPL remains a trusted and preferred brand in the poultry market.

Enhanced Food Safety Measures

Providing Peace of Mind

At CPL, food safety is a non-negotiable aspect of our operations. To ensure the highest quality and safeguard customer health, we have implemented rigorous food safety measures at every stage of the production process. Our processing facility strictly adheres to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles, which involve identifying potential hazards and implementing preventative measures to eliminate or minimise them. By adhering to strict food safety practices, we provide our customers with the trust and peace of mind they deserve when choosing Chesterfield Poultry products.

Chesterfield Poultry reaches a weekly bird production of 900,000

Join Us on Our Journey!

At CPL, we take great pride in our achievements and the relationships we have built with our farmers, suppliers, and customers. We invite you to join us as we strive to elevate the standards of Poultry production, prioritise animal welfare, and deliver exceptional Poultry products. Experience the difference and perfection in every bite with Chesterfield Poultry.
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