We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by employing eco-friendly techniques. Our processing plant Utilises energy-efficient technology, such as LED lighting and heat recovery systems, to minimise energy usage. We also have a robust recycling program in place to reduce waste and promote reuse or recycling whenever possible. By actively researching novel solutions, we aim to make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. Our chickens are bred, and grown throughout Britain, with over 150 farms dedicated to providing over 900,000 birds per week to at Thorne. At CPL we recognise that these activities will inevitably impact on the environment and by way of this policy seek to control these impacts, by integrating excellent environmental management practices and best available techniques within each department of the company.

Find out how we will achieve this, read our environmental policy by clicking here We are committed to delivering market-leading performance on key environmental issues in our business, with our customers, our supply and our end consumers.

CPL notes our responsibility and commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our business.

Our aims are

  • dialogsTo practice a responsible approach to the environment and contribute to the local and wider community.
  • dialogsThe adoption of policies, which promote the cost-effective and prudent use of natural resources.
  • dialogsTo protect the public’s interest in relation to environmental impact, and to help to contribute to a better quality of life for everyone.
  • dialogsTo set itself realistic targets to reduce any potentially negative environmental impacts and to continue to incorporate such considerations in its strategic and operational decision-making.

Our simple current acts to minimise environmental impact are


The use of Energy Efficient lighting wherever possible.


Separation of all reusable waste for recycling


We will endeavour to use only stationary supplies that have been recycled.


We aim for minimal water and cleaning chemical usage.


Full on-site effluent treatment